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Meet The Team

Steph Gibbons

Steph is passionate about changing bodies. Don’t let her nice as pie relaxed demeanour deceive you! Her classes focus on deep strengthening through healthy alignment and functional exercises based on anatomical knowledge. Determined for you to get the best out of her class, you will definitely remember it for the next few days! Trained as a sports therapist in 2003, giving her a solid understanding in rehabilitation techniques which she applies in her pilates method. She discovered Pilates whilst living in Auckland in 2011 and it quickly became her passion. Whilst in New Zealand Steph was fortunate to work with professional athletes in rugby, Cross Fit and Cricket. Fresh and exciting, every class is different!

Harry Rowland

Harry specialises in control and mobility in his sessions. A big focus on honest controlled movement as well as ensuring that you feel your muscles working to become more aware of them in your daily life. Not as intimidating as he may look, he likes to ensure that you have a laugh with him even when your body is shaking and trembling!

Christina Dahl

Christina is from Sweden and has lived in London for 15 years. She used to work in the pharmaceutical industry before she became a Pilates teacher. After a traumatic birth experience and sports injury she was introduced to Reformer Pilates by her physio therapist and after sorting out her injury it has now become her passion. Special interest in pregnancy, Scolliosis, pain relief and osteoarthritis. She loves helping people so don’t hesitate to ask her for help in her classes. In her own time she loves to cook.

Hannah Brown

Hannah trained as a dancer and found Pilates to be an integral part of her training, helping her to improve her technique and maximise her potential. As she sustained various injuries along the way, she experienced the value of rehabilitative Pilates which helped her to not only return to full strength but to become even stronger!

Her belief and commitment to Pilates prompted her desire to teach others and to further her knowledge and understanding of the practice. She qualified as a Fully Comprehensive Pilates Teacher with the Pilates Foundation in 2011. She covered in depth training in both mat and machine-based work. More recently she has qualified as a pre and postnatal specialist.

Hannah offers fun and engaging classes that are different every week. She tailors her classes to the individuals that she has in front of her, offering a person centred approach.

Meryem Karadavut

Meryem started Pilates when her Doctor recommended Pilates to help alleviate the pain and discomfort she was experiencing caused by a degenerative disc disease, which she has had since the age of 20. Over time she discovered the immense value of Pilates as a remedial exercise and because of this experience, in 2013, she decided to change her career and become a full time Pilates instructor

Meryem moved to London in 2019. She is a passionate instructor with patience and determination which are two of her greatest strengths.

Sophie Pascall

Always an enthusiastic athlete, I joined my local rugby team at a young age and developed my love for sport and fitness by becoming a Personal Trainer. My initial interest was in Strength and Conditioning, but over the years I have become more and more passionate about getting people moving through Pilates. Having worked in both a clinical and studio environment, my experience ranges between dynamic classes and working closely with 1-2-1 clients, to improve posture, strength and free range of movement.

I’m a great believer in the synchronicity of mind, body and soul and to improve upon one reaps benefits for the others. This translates in what I do, by understanding that bettering your body and physical wellness, will have a positive impact on your mind and emotions, resulting in a happier life. Through my experiences and with my knowledge and passion I help the people I work with to discover their motivators, connect with their body’s, achieve their physical goals and pave the way to a happier, healthier lifestyle.


Serkan has spent the last 10 years teaching Pilates and learning all about how to use Pilates to support your body given your life situation and age.

Starting from early childhood, Serkan has had a passion for sports and movement. He started playing handball when he was 13 and had 10 years as a professional player. He went on to become a certified mountaineer climbing in Kirghizstan and China.

Serkan is a certified Balanced Body instructor and has also specialized in anatomy. He has over 20 extra certifications in biomechanics, and functionality. He understands how Pilates can help with injuries, diseases and top sportsman and women be at their peak. Lately he has become interested in cycling and how Pilates can support this sport.

You can expect a training dedicated to you and your body. Also customized lessons for sportsmen and women who do individual or group sports.