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Meet The Team

Steph Gibbons

Steph has passionate about changing bodies. Don’t let her nice as pie relaxed demeanour deceive you! Her classes focus on deep strengthening through healthy alignment and functional exercises based on anatomical knowledge. Determined for you to get the best out of her class, you will definitely remember it for the next few days! Trained as a sports therapist in 2003, giving her a solid understanding in rehabilitation techniques which she applies in her pilates method. She discovered Pilates whilst living in Auckland in 2011 and it quickly became her passion. Whilst in New Zealand Steph was fortunate to work with professional athletes in rugby, Cross Fit and Cricket. Fresh and exciting, every class is different!

Meryem Karadavut

Meryem started Pilates when her Doctor recommended Pilates to help alleviate the pain and discomfort she was experiencing caused by a degenerative disc disease, which she has had since the age of 20. Over time she discovered the immense value of Pilates as a remedial exercise and because of this experience, in 2013, she decided to change her career and become a full time Pilates instructor

Meryem moved to London in 2019. She is a passionate instructor with patience and determination which are two of her greatest strengths.

Bethany Headland

Originally from Australia, Bethany has always had a passion for fitness and wellbeing. Trained as a classical ballet dancer she has lived and worked professionally in the US, Asia, Europe and in the UK. It was during her time with The Washington Ballet that Bethany discovered the importance of adding Pilates to her daily routine; it made a huge difference to her technique and reduced the onset and number of injuries she got in this physically demanding profession.

After stepping away from ballet in 2018, Bethany started training with Polestar Pilates UK with whom she qualified as a comprehensive studio instructor. 

Bethany has a special interest in working with clients with scoliosis and is currently furthering her training with ScolioPilates. She wants to empower people with scoliosis to find functional and comfortable exercise to reduce their pain and get back to doing the things they love!

Emily Hodges

Emily is originally from the Isle of Wight and has lived in London for 13 years. It was major abdominal surgery, followed by a lower back injury that brought Emily to fall in love with reformer Pilates. So much so she decided to career change from project manager in the media industry, to full time Pilates teacher. Emily trained with Polestar Pilates UK and can teach across all pilates equipment. For Emily, pilates is about making her clients feel good – inside and out – whilst at the same time improving their mobility, flexibility, alignment and strength.

Barbara Drennan

Barbara comes from an acting and music background, with decades of dance training experience. She has a comprehensive body of work behind her, including West End stage, feature film and television.

Alongside her career, she has been dedicated to fitness, yoga and Pilates.
It therefore felt like a natural progression for her to retrain as a fully comprehensive BASI Pilates instructor. (She is now completely immersed in her studies, whilst growing her teaching and client base.)

After a horse riding accident in her late teens, Barbara has had to modify and adapt all her physical work to accommodate an injured left elbow. She is now passionate about bringing Pilates to all bodies, whatever their challenges.

Barbara brings immense warmth and positivity to her classes, alongside a keen focus on the mind-body principle of Pilates.

Serkan Tetik

Serkan has spent the last 10 years teaching Pilates and learning all about how to use Pilates to support your body given your life situation and age.

Starting from early childhood, Serkan has had a passion for sports and movement. He started playing handball when he was 13 and had 10 years as a professional player. He went on to become a certified mountaineer climbing in Kirghizstan and China.

Serkan is a certified Balanced Body instructor and has also specialized in anatomy. He has over 20 extra certifications in biomechanics, and functionality. He understands how Pilates can help with injuries, diseases and top sportsman and women be at their peak. Lately he has become interested in cycling and how Pilates can support this sport.

You can expect a training dedicated to you and your body. Also customized lessons for sportsmen and women who do individual or group sports.

Natalie Butler

Natalie has always been a lover of movement, starting with dance and gymnastics as a child before moving in to yoga, barre and pilates. Natalie has a holistic approach to movement and likes to hero the use of breath in her classes. She believes the gentle pace of pilates allows the mind body connection to sit deeper and have transformative results both physically and mentally. Expect to feel great balance and roundedness from her classes, delivered with warmth and positive energy.

Jelica Kricskovics

Jelica grew up as a dancer and observed people moving all her life. Her growing interest in movement led her to study the Pilates method. She trained with the Pilates Foundation, and has been teaching since 2008.

Jelica loves matwork because it offers a great place to work with flow and get people together while she has a special bond with the apparatus repertoire that is rich and graceful. Deep strength, agility, balance, advanced technique and complex dynamics come together in these exercises. She feels excited when she enters the apparatus studio and she can’t wait to lead the people into its wonderful world.

Jelica’s teaching style is influenced by dance and incorporates other movements along with the original Pilates repertoire.

Jelica believes that regular exercise and movement will make you feel healthier, happier and you’ll be able to express your purpose in life better.

Barry Jung

Barry entered the fitness industry as a professional dancer, having performed in film, music, fashion and theatre all over the world. He has been involved with the musical Billy Elliott, X Factor and performed with global artists Gloria Estefan, Robbie Williams, Emma Bunton and Boy George amongst others.

Barry became mesmerised by the Pilates Reformer because it embodies the principles of his dance training: fluidity, functional movement and precision. He is constantly astonished with the unending variations possible on this apparatus.

Barry believes that regular diverse exercise brings not only physical and health benefits, but contributes immensely to your mental equilibrium. It can infuse you with positive energy and the right can-do attitude.

Barry is professional and can be demanding during his personally tailored training sessions, but he also realises that a session should be entertaining as well as productive and effective, whilst striving beyond perceived limitations.

Amber Pursey

Pilates has been a constant form of exercise in Ambers life. It has supported and assisted her formal dance training from a young age and then when she started her performing career in West End shows… such as The Sound of Music and Billy Elliot.

With her sound knowledge of the Anatomy of movement the next step was to gain her certification in pilates, she loves that she can share her passion for Pilates and what it can do for you body.

Believing that everyone is able to discover and love fitness. You can be a total beginner or an accomplished athlete. Setting goals together, Amber will tailor her session to you.

Busra Kanalicim

Busra was first introduced to Pilates 15 years ago after being diagnosed with scoliosis. This was coupled with a torn ACL needing surgical repair. Pilates was her saviour and with regular practice her strength and mobility was restored in her knee and back.

Having worked for over 10 years in the healthcare industry as a brand manager for large pharmaceutical companies, Busra finally decided to train as a Pilates instructor. She has witnessed first hand the physical and mental benefits of Pilates through her own personal journey.

Busra admits that there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, but she believes a fitness journey should be enjoyed, not dreaded. Her work allows her to make a positive impact on people’s lives, a privilege that she finds both incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.

Alongside Pilates, Busra is a certified Yoga Instructor and a member of the Yoga Alliance. Although she doesn’t teach Yoga, Busra uses all of the skill set acquired from the Yoga technique and embeds them into her classes.

In her free time when she’s not engaged in Pilates, Busra cherishes precious moments with her spouse, two sons, and a British Shorthair cat, all of whom keep her very busy and fill her life with joy.

Jozsef Forro

Jozsef is a certified Stott Pilates (2011) and Gyrotonic (2021) instructor with a contemporary dancer background based in South West London since 2014. After receiving his formal education in engineering, he changed careers and found passion in teaching movement and performing contemporary dance across Europe and the US.

Taking his sessions will leave you with a peace of mind and a relieved body. Through his simple instructions and the support of the apparatus, you can expect to become stronger, more flexible while rediscovering the joy of moving freely and effortlessly!

Valeriia Zabugina

Valeriia is a highly skilled and compassionate Pilates instructor with a wealth of experience. With expertise in pre and post-natal training, she has successfully guided numerous clients on their journey to wellness. Valeria’s versatility shines through as she has worked with athletes from diverse sports backgrounds, tailoring Pilates routines to their unique needs. She effortlessly infuses enjoyment and excitement into her sessions, ensuring they remain both fun and invigorating. A stickler for form and technique, Valeria ensures her clients’ safety while pushing them to reach their full potential. With her warm and empathetic nature, she emerges as the perfect choice for individuals seeking physical and mental well-being enhancements.

Agata Grzeszczuk

Agata was introduced to Pilates back in 2006 when she became a regular Pilates student in London. As a long distance runner and keen cyclist, she found Pilates a fantastic addition to cardiovascular exercises but also recognised its important role in injury prevention.

Sport and movement have always played a key role in her life. A gymnast in early childhood and then later a long distance runner and cyclist, she has grown her passion for exercise over the years. In 2010, she completed her Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training with Balanced Body. In addition, she also holds her REPS Level 2 qualifications, where she specialized in Core Stability and Group Indoor Cycling.

As a Psychologist by background, she likes to apply the aspect of sports psychology and coaching and enjoys motivating and inspiring her clients.  She strongly believes that a healthy body is the key to a healthy mind and that exercise and physical activity can bring something worthwhile into everybody’s life.

Agata’s sessions are individually designed to target the key objective of each client. Although she loves working with a wide range of clients of all ages, her particular interest lies in working with already active clients, who are looking for additional challenge, low impact and highly effective injury prevention set of exercises. She believes that Pilates is a long term life investment.

Nina Zhorzholiani

From a young age, Nina found joy and expression through the movements of the human body. Dance became her medium for conveying emotions, telling stories, and revitalising the entire being through strength, flexibility, and rejuvenation.

Drawing from her love of movement, Nina recognised the similarities between dance and Pilates. In 2017, she embarked on her Comprehensive classical Pilates training journey with Equinox. This comprehensive training furthered her understanding and expertise in the transformative practice of Pilates.

Today, Nina is dedicated to helping her clients unlock their full potential. Her focus lies in building deep functional strength, improving movement patterns, and enhancing mobility and flexibility simultaneously. With Nina as their guide, individuals can tap into their innate capabilities and experience a remarkable transformation.

Nina firmly believes that mindful movement is the catalyst for healing. It is through this conscious and intentional approach to movement that true healing and growth begin. Each session with Nina becomes an opportunity for self-discovery, self-care, and self-improvement.